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What Will Be Your Something Blue?

There are many wonderful wedding traditions that you can do for your wedding day. One of the cutest traditions is having something blue incorporated into the wedding. It’s a sweet little detail on the day that ties everything together. Below are going to be different options for your something blue!

1. Bridal Party

For the brides who already have blue in their color scheme or love the color why not make your bridal party your something blue? There are a variety of shades that are beautiful blues for your party and can coincide with your theme, even if it’s an accent color!

2. Jewelry

A more subtle way of including your something blue is to try some jewelry. From earrings, bracelets, ribbon, hair accessories, necklaces and ring sets it’s a lovely touch to your look!

3. Shoes

One of the fun things to choose for your wedding is shoes! Whether you want to wear heels or sneakers, making them blue is a fun way of taking the tradition!

4. Decorations

If you didn’t want to wear any blue nor your bridal party a versatile way of using blue would be through your decorations. From the plates, cups, table decor, signage, and even flowers there are vast choices of blue themed things you can do!

5. Veil

Having your veil as your something blue would be a unique finish to your look. Whether it is just a few blue flowers or applique it would look so stunning!

You can’t go wrong with any of these choices! Stay connected to us through our Instagram and website!


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