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Morning of Wedding Ideas with your Bridesmaids

Kick the morning off with these 6 ideas to begin the day with your bridesmaids!

1. Matching PJ Sets

On wedding days we wear pink! Whatever pattern or color of Pj’s you pick it is so fun to have all your girls dressed in Pj’s while getting ready. It’s relaxing and everyone including yourself will feel more excited for the day ahead!

2. Food and Drink Bar

With all the wedding festivities it can be easy to forget to eat. It is so important to have energy throughout the day and what better way to start off with a nice breakfast bar!

3. Create a Playlist

Make a custom playlist with your bridesmaids to play in the morning. Get pumped for the day and dance the morning away with your gals!

4. Pray

For those who wanted to find a way of including your faith on the day, how about a prayer? Having your girls and family pray over you to have peace, strength, or express gratitude. Sharing this intimate moment will help alleviate your nerves and take in some time with your loved ones.

5. First Looks

Having a first look with your partner? Why not have one with your girls? This is a special moment to have with your party as they have been anticipating this day to celebrate and support you! Have a photographer snap their reactions as they see you in your full bride attire.

6. Take Pictures

Get all the pics you can with cute backdrops/balloons and confetti! Any ideas you have seen on instagram or pinterest you wanna try definitely do them to capture all the memories you can!

These are ideas for the morning of your wedding to make it lively and stress free! Check out more on our website and our instagram!


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