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Honoring Your Loved Ones

Wedding days are meant to be celebrated with all your loved ones. There may be some that have passed but can be included too on your day. Below are some ways you can honor them to be a part of the wedding.

1. Saving A Seat

One of the sweetest ways to commemorate loved ones is saving a seat for them. Using pictures, a sign, candle, or special memorabilia as a special place of honor.

2. Memory Table

A common trend in most weddings is setting up a memory table. A separate table that has pictures of any passed family members and sometimes a verse or quote about them being a part of the day. This is an honorable way to remember and include them all together.

3. Custom Items

For a more personalized route of bringing your loved one with you is customizing what you or the groom will wear. From locket pictures attached to your bouquet, stitched symbols or words on your dress/veil/suit, and even a picture under the groom's tie. There are several ways you can get personalized items to have them close during the day.

A few wonderful ways those that have passed to be honored and still come together as a family. Check our website for our weekly posts every Tuesday.


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