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6 Food Bar Ideas for Your Wedding

Finding the right food to have at your wedding can be very overwhelming but it doesn’t

have to be, we have created a list of 6 wedding food bar ideas that you will absolutely

love! This list includes different styles for all kinds of people, the more traditional ones

that like to keep it simple (all American style), the ones of Hispanic culture or who just

simply enjoy Mexican food, there’s also an option for people who like variety & the

aesthetic styles, in which we included the charcuterie station, and many more ideas !

1. Burger and Fry Bar:

This idea features an all American food style with the classic burger and fries

station, enjoyable for kids and adults!

2. “I love you with every PIZZA my heart” Pizza Bar:

Pizza is an obvious first choice for any event because it’s not only the cheapest

but the most enjoyable. Giving it its own bar and theme around it, is just the

cherry on top for your perfect wedding!

3. Sushi Bar:

This idea gives more of the classy and elegant style offering sushi, oysters, a

shrimp cocktail bar, and vegetables for the side. I’m not sure about you guys,

but I would love to have sushi at my wedding!

4. Taco Station:

Whether you’re of Mexican culture or not, I can’t name one person who hates

Mexican food! You can set up a taco bar with taco shells, corn salsa, salsa,

cilantro and onion mixture, sour cream, and your choice of shrimp or carne


5. Fondue Bar:

From chocolate to cheese, you can incorporate a fondue bar with assortments of

fruits, chocolate, marshmallows, and cookies to dip in the chocolate fondue. As

well as vegetables, tortilla chips, bread chips, and chicken or steak kabobs.

6. Charcuterie Station:

For some people, the aesthetic style is the way to go, offering simple

ingredients: crackers, cheese, fruit, prosciutto, and a variety of jams. It’s simple

yet a favorite to many and will be a hit at your wedding!

Following food allergy restrictions and preferences can be difficult but this decision is

more than just food that will impress but food that everyone that has come together

for YOU, to enjoy. Before making any decisions, be sure to speak with your caterer or

wedding planner to create a menu that suits your style and preferences, as well as

those of your guests.

If you haven’t found a wedding planner yet, our contact info is listed above and we’d

be more than happy to take care of all your catering needs and more!


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