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How to Choose Where You want to Honeymoon

Your wedding day is complete, you and the love of your life are excited to embark on

this new chapter so what next?! Your honeymoon! I know it can be overwhelming to

choose just one place for your honeymoon with costs, reservations, rentals, and more

but we got you covered.

Type of Honeymoon Locations :

From tropical paradise to a European getaway (or an Italian romance). Should you

venture to a place within the United States or go abroad? There are plenty of options to

choose from and by the time you finish reading this blog, you will have found THE


Want to have endless summer nights, water activities, and beaches? Some places you

should consider are Hawaii, Maldives, Bora Bora, and Bali. If you are in between

wanting to explore outside of the U.S. but stay near, the Bahamas and Caribbean

islands are a good option for reasons such as budget, dependable for consistent

weather, and flights to and from are easy to find.

Some great international options that deliver great site seeing, food, and is just an

overall romantic place to be especially after you just got married are Santorini Greece,

Paris France, Mallorca Spain, Milan, Prague, and so many more! Offering historic

museums/monuments, authentic dishes that include pasta, lamb, etc, train

transportation, and different traditions and cultures.

Things to keep in mind :

1) Budget

First and foremost, Budget. How much are you comfortable spending and what

do you value more? Amenities or price? Options would be value resorts,

all-inclusive resorts, and luxury resorts. While luxury resorts would be the ones

to offer more than just a room and a bed, choosing to get a value resort also

allows room for exploring while on a budget!

2) Multi-Destination Honeymoon

Some couples like to have a mixture of relaxation and adventure allowing you to

spend time with just the two of you. It is a great way to explore the world and

take on new things that you never thought imaginable but it also allows you to

enjoy alone time with your new husband or wife.

3) Conflicts with timing

It can be the busiest time of the year for Europe destinations but the least

busiest for destinations within the United States so it is always best to do your

research beforehand. As well as weather accommodations as you never know

when you’ll choose to plan for a beach day although it ends up raining the

majority the whole day, it helps to check the little things just in case.

Follow along on our website for more tips and if you haven’t planned your wedding with us !


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