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“To Veil or Not to Veil & The History of Veil Traditions”

The veil used on your wedding day can have different meanings across all of our brides. It can be an honored tradition to wear from different cultures and religions, or simply for the aesthetic look. In many cultures the veil is used to symbolize chastity. There are traditions from 20 years ago that keep brides wanting to incorporate a veil into their wedding day.

How to know if you want to wear a veil?

Depending on what type of bride you are, the veil adds so much more emphasis on the outfit on your special day. Veils are most likely to only be worn on one day of your life, which is your wedding day and every bride has their own freedom to choose whatever kind it is they want. Including veils that follow their culture or religious traditions. Some brides may even decide that they don’t want to wear a veil in their ceremony but we like to at least incorporate the veil in their wedding photos. How to choose the right veil style!

Deciding what veil you're going to wear is such a big part of your wedding day. Although it may seem as simple as choosing a short or long veil, it is more than that. As there are different styles, chic, traditional, elegant, etc. You can search for your perfect veil based on length, budget, your hairstyle, and it being able to match your dress.


1. Floral and Lace Veil:

2. Simple and Traditional Veil:

3. Long and Elegant Veil:

4. A bit of Sparkle Veil:

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