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Vendor Spotlight on Inbal Sivan Photography

An amazing photographer will help you remember every single detail, feeling, and emotion from your wedding day. Inbal from Inbal Sivan Photography will help you remember every detail. Here is a little bit about Inbal and Inbal Sivan Photography.

1. Tell us about you and your business!

I was born in Israel and lived in Brooklyn for about 20 years! I got my degree in photography in 2004 and have been shooting full time ever since, including editorial work for magazines and fine art work for galleries (I’ve been exhibited in NYC and published nationally!). My style is primarily documentary, though I do take pride in taking creative editorial portraits. My editorial background also informs my documentary work as I am so experienced with both natural and artificial lighting that I can use lighting setups to make every shot, candid or not, look polished and magazine worthy.

2. What led you to wedding photography?

I did a lot of other types of photography and always enjoyed finding new challenges to stretch my problem solving skills. When I first started photographing weddings, I found that abilities in nearly every genre were needed - documentary, still life, portraiture, architecture, studio lighting - all under unpredictable timelines and weather and non professional models! For the first time I felt like I was really stretching my muscles both technically and creatively and I loved it.

3. How long have you been in the wedding business?

I shot my first wedding in 2008, so 15 years now (gulp)! It’s been many hundreds of weddings, I’ve lost count!

4. What did you do before this?

I’ve been shooting straight out of art school but I also spent a few years teaching photography for continuing ed and at the college level.

5. What keeps you passionate about weddings?

Wedding are full of scripted moments that I can shoot in my sleep, but the real fun is in between those moments. That’s when the moments happen that make each wedding unique to that specific couple and family. As a documentarian at heart, I really enjoy the incredible access I get to these events full of amazing moments and heightened emotions. Access is the primary obstacle for documentarians, but I get invited and welcomed!

6. Where do you find inspiration?

I went to art school and have a deep well of knowledge of art history and photography in particular. I prefer to look outside of current wedding photography for inspiration and avoid trends.

7. What should couples know before looking for a photographer?

On your wedding day, you’ll be spending more time with your photographer than you will with your spouse! Make sure you will like being around them and that your personalities mesh.

8. What is the best time frame to book a photographer?

Prime dates can easily book a year in advance, but it never hurts to ask about availability. But if you see a photographer you love, don’t hesitate!

9. What does the journey look like when working with you?

At our first meeting we will sketch out a preliminary photo timeline to see what kind of coverage is needed. I always prefer to meet my couples in person, get a drink or a coffee and get to know each other. So expect that to happen at some point in the process if it’s possible, even if it’s not the first meeting! Depending on the desires of the couples, we can stay in touch about ideas and visions. Some prefer that I just do my thing without too much input and that’s great too! I know what to do :). At six weeks before the wedding, we get down to business; I send out a questionnaire to fill out with all the important info (such as family portrait configurations), and we speak again to review it and tie up any other loose ends. I also have lots of tips about how to set ourselves up for the best photos and I will share them at this final meeting!

10. What should couples ask before booking a photographer?

ALWAYS ask to see at least one full wedding gallery, if not more. It’s very easy to find a handful of great photos to put on a website, but weddings don’t all take place in golden hour daylight. Does the photographer understanding using artificial lighting to shoot in different sorts of spaces? Nighttime reception photos are a good way to determine that. Ask to see a venue similar to yours - a barn wedding will have different challenges than a ballroom one.

11. When you’re not photographing weddings what do you do?

I have another home base in New York, where I shoot about half my weddings, so I travel a lot for work. Consequently, when I’m at home in Austin with my family we are pretty homey. We love to cook, read, play board games… sounds boring now that I say it but we love being together and we do have our adventures on occasion.

12. What is your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding?

Without a doubt, hire a wedding planner. They will make your day magical and stress-free. As someone who gets to see behind the scenes, I have seen planners put out countless fires that the couple never even knew about.

13. What was the most memorable wedding you ever worked, and why?

So hard to choose! A few years ago, I photographed the wedding for the food critic for time magazine. Instead of a traditional caterer, his wedding was a “pot luck” with all of his famous chef friends. The guests had the time of their lives and it was some of the best food I’ve ever tasted!

14. Where can couples find you?

On my website, or my instagram @inbalsivanphoto. Lots of reviews on weddingwire, google, and the knot. Or at Epoch Coffee editing photos!


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