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Tips for Soothing a Nervous Bride on her Wedding Day

Wedding days can be stressful for everyone; friends, families, in-laws, etc. The truth of the

matter is, no one feels the stress of a wedding more than the bride. Brides can get extremely

overwhelmed and stressed as the time gets closer for them to walk down the aisle. I’m here to

share some tips and advice on how to help your bride soothe her wedding day nerves.

1. Make Some Tea- Tea often has calming properties that can lead to faster relaxation.

Grab a cup of hot tea for the nervous bride. Chamomile or lavender tea works best for

anxiety. Just make sure to not give her too much, or the high levels of caffeine can

actually have adverse effects!

2. Lead Breathing Exercises- The last thing

you want an anxious bride to do is

hyperventilate and pass out on her big day.

Help the bride calm her breathing by doing

breathing exercises with her. You can find

many different breathing techniques online.

One popular breathing exercise is ‘Box

Breathing’ (inhaling for four seconds,

exhaling for four seconds, repeat).

3. Talk to her and Listen- Sometimes, brides who are stressed just need to talk it out and

be listened to. All they want to know is that they’re being heard. Reassure the bride that

everything will be okay and that she is going to have an amazing day. Let the bride vent

if she needs to, but redirect the conversation to positive thinking.

4. Play Her Favorite Music- Music has often been

associated with having calming effects in stressful

situations. Connect with the bride before her big day

and curate a playlist that is customized with all of

her favorite music. Whenever you start to see the

nerves building up, turn on the playlist and position

the music in a good place where she will be able to

listen to it.

5. Try Giving the Bride a Massage- There’s nothing

that a good massage won’t fix to ease the tension out

of someone. If the bride isn’t in a hurry to go

anywhere, have her sit down and receive a good

shoulder rub from one of her trusted companions.

And just like that, you’ve learned 5 new ways to ensure that the bride feels a little less stressed

on her big day. For more tips and advice surrounding a bride’s big day, follow our blog and stay

connected with us here at Lively Events!


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