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February wedding at The Veranda in San Antonio, Texas

Lively Events owner, Halima, and her team, got to celebrate her own sister’s wedding this past weekend!

The couple proclaimed their love for one another in a beautiful outside ceremony at the Veranda in San Antonio, Texas, with an open-air pavilion reception that had people dancing on their feet all night long! Their special day was filled with love and happiness, as their friends and family were able to gather together from all around to celebrate their new life together as Mr. and Mrs.

The bride looked stunning in her strapless gown that had a layered, wave-like bottom; the sweetheart neckline and flattering cinched waist made her look like a princess! Her shoes were a knock-out, with nothing but sparkle and bling! It was hard to keep your eyes off of the bride, and anyone who was at the wedding would agree!

The theme and colors of the wedding were navy blue and blush pink, with ivory and gold accents! The floral arrangements were ivory and pink, which was perfect for a February wedding. The wedding was small and intimate, so there was no bridal party. The bride’s baby nieces were brought down the aisle in a cutely decorated wagon, while she was escorted by her three-year-old nephew, Barrett. This addition to the wedding made it feel very special, while also adding in a “cute-factor.” To add to the theme of the wedding, the bride’s nieces wore homemade navy and pink tutus, while the nephews wore navy suits with blush pink suspenders and bow ties! Too cute!!

My favorite memory from the wedding was the reception when everyone was out on the dance floor! Every guest who attended the wedding stood up and danced to at least one song! Young or old, coordinated or not, everyone was out shaking-it and having a good time! The DJ was very engaged with the audience the whole time and knew how to keep the crowd going, while the bar knew how to keep the drinks coming! Everyone had a blast at the wedding, including myself. I did not see one person not smiling the entire time!

I had so much fun at this wedding. Thank you so much for having us!


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