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Guestbook Ideas


What really makes your wedding day memorable is the guestbook. The

guestbook is what truly captures the highlights of your special day. They allow

you to come back on that day for as long as you two live.

Some examples include a traditional signature guestbook of course. As well as

some other unique ideas such as, a polaroid photo book, having each guest sign

around a globe, and a frame with hearts that have every guests‘ names.

Here are four great options for you to incorporate into your wedding day!

W W W . L I V E L Y E V ENT S T X . C O M

1. Polaroid Photobook:

The Polaroid Photo Guestbook

allows guests to not only write a

special message to the newly weds

but also capture a photo of who

wrote the message and how happy

they were to celebrate such a

special moment in the couples life.

2. Traditional Signature Guestbook:

Of course you can never go wrong

with the traditional guestbook.

You can customize the font and

design creating a keepsake for the

couple to look back on in 80 years!

3. Signed Globe:

The Guest Globe is one really unique way to

commemorate the special day. I think that it really

represents the people that have come from all

around the world to celebrate with the couple. As

well as allow the couple to remember their

wedding day as a day that brought so many special

people together.

4. Signed Hearts Frame:

Last but not least, the signed hearts frame

represents everyone that attended the

couples wedding and by putting all the

hearts into one frame allows the couple to

carry a memory of a lifetime in their hearts,

anywhere they go.

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