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Nontraditional Ways To Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Let's admit it. Although your wedding guest love you and are so excited to celebrate your special day with you, weddings and the activities offered during the reception can get repetitive. We know that everyone loves the line dancing, catching the bride's bouquet and taking photos in the photo booth, but I am here to offer some nontraditional ideas you may want to consider when planning activities for your wedding guests.


Many couples pay big bucks for the photographers to get all of those beautiful professional shots of their special day, but what about the photos that they miss of everyone else while they are focusing on the bride and groom? Fill up a basket with disposable film cameras for guests to pick up and use throughout the reception. When guests are leaving, remind them to drop their cameras back into the basket. Going to develop the pictures later will be fun because you will be anxious to see what others have captured.

You will end up having even more memories that the photographers may have missed.

You may even consider turning it into a game for the guests!

"I Spy"

Create a sheet with different photo ideas that your guests may capture.

(Examples: happy tears, people laughing, holding hands, dance moves, grandparents, favorite decorations, a kiss, a group shot, etc)

2. QUILT GUESTBOOK If you are looking for a unique way to remember the guests whom you celebrated your special day with (besides a traditional signed guest book), a quilt guestbook is a great alternative. Gather quilt material along with decorative pens and stencils for decorating. You can designate a table specifically for decorating the quilt pieces or you can allow guests to grab the necessary materials and do the decorating at their own tables throughout the event. Letting them decorate at their own tables may allow more time for creativity, but keep in mind that their tables will be holding food and drinks. You may not want to risk someone spilling something on the quilt pieces. This is also a great way to keep the children entertained.


Almost every wedding reception has a photo booth, but a more creative way to entertain your guests would be to set up a video booth. You can use your own video camera to save money or hire a professional to run the video booth for better footage and editing. Inside the booth you can have the same set up as a traditional photo booth with all the fun props. Your guest can record funny videos telling stories about the bride and groom, give advice, or they can share memories from the wedding reception. What a better way to relive these memories than by watching your friends and family celebrate in the moment.


There are so many different types of bibles available out there including couple bibles. You can purchase one of these (or just a traditional bible) and lay it out on a beautifully set table with highlighters and pens. Guests can highlight their favorite verses and sign their name next to it. This is a great opportunity for guests to share what is important to them or verses that keep them going in hopes that you will too find comfort in the word

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