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Madison and Roy's Wedding at The Allen Farmhaus in New Braunfels, Texas

From the beautiful greenery and decor, to the soft candle light that filled The Allen Farmhaus in New Braunfels, Madison and Roy’s wedding was as loving as anyone could imagine a Texas wedding to be. Not to mention, getting hitched on St. Patrick’s Day made their luck that much greater with beautiful, clear skies and a Texas, starry night to dance the night away.

The bride looked stunning in her dress with classic, lace straps. Her beaded dress flowed beautifully down her figure, making her the true princess she deserved to be on her wedding day. The bridesmaids’ soft, pastel green dresses gave them a very festive and tasteful look, not to mention the color itself was absolutely beautiful!

As the ceremony began, Madison was revealed to her groom by both a wooden door and two miraculous stain glass doors for her entrance inside the chapel. The groom’s reaction to this gorgeous bride was one that took everyone back, as he couldn’t hold back the tears of happiness after seeing his amazing bride walk down the aisle.

The reception that followed was accented with beautiful greenery on every table, tons of candles, and cute, hand lettered numbers for table seating. The colors were soft and gentle, just like the couples love for each other.

Their cakes would have made anyone in Texas wish they had a piece of one! Not only was the bride's cake delicious and beautiful, but the groom’s cake, in the shape of weights, really captured who he was, being very dedicated to a healthy, fit lifestyle.

This was my first time getting to work at The Allen Farmhaus with owners Cassie and Maitlyn, but now I can tell you that I would not have wanted to work with anyone else other than these amazing, beautiful, hilarious ladies that day.

My favorite memory from the wedding is seeing Madison and her mother take center stage in a mother, daughter dance. You could feel the love and connection they had with one another, not to mention all of the goofiness and laughter that it brought to everyone’s faces.

I had such a spectacular time at Madison and Roy’s wedding. Thanks so much for having us!

Planner: Lively Events

Florist: The Bloom Bar

DJ: DJ Gumby with Gaines Entertainment Caterer: Alchemy Catering

Bartender: Bartenders 4 you

Hair and Makeup: Hair by Kendra Kay

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