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3 Tips for Magazine Worthy Wedding Photos

Hi everyone! My name is Mikenzie Ryan and I am a photographer with France Photographers Austin studio! We are an all female team of photographers who create an extraordinary wedding experience for couples who are unapologetically in love. When I'm not photographing weddings, I'm can usually be found binge watching The Office, cuddling my toddler, while balancing a mimosa in hand! I wanted to drop in today to share a little bit of advice on how to get your wedding photos to look like they belong in a fancy magazine!

Whether you are looking to get your wedding published in a magazine, or you just want to make sure your photos come out top notch, these tips are for you! The key to a luxurious wedding that goes off without a hitch, is detailed planning. That's why hiring a coordinator that knows their stuff and has an eye for design is so important! Trust them to guide you through the process! The second key is a photographer who knows how to capture the story of a wedding. Just taking photos of people smiling at the camera is one thing, but capturing what it FELT like to be at your big day is a whole different story. So how can you get a magazine worthy wedding gallery?!

1. Every detail counts!

Typically this includes your shoes, jewelry, or bouquet, but don't forget about the special items! Bring things that have sentimental value and hold memories for you, you'll love that you incorporated them into your wedding. We've had brides bring their family bible that's been passed down for generations, their grandma's brooches, or a new perfume for their big day!

All of these details will be a joy to look back on in your album, and will make it even more beautiful! Ever wonder why blogs like Style Me Pretty pick up a wedding to publish? They love seeing beautiful details, and their readers love hearing the stories behind them!

2. An amazing bridal bouquet can make all the difference!

Working on a tight budget? Opt out for large bridesmaid bouquets and splurge on your bridal bouquet! With just one gorgeous set of flowers, we can make your details vibrant, your tables look lush with florals, and help make your wedding even more elegant!

3. Time!

Work with your photographers and planner to make a timeline that allows for the best photos! There are so many things to take into consideration that you may not think about, but the professionals do! Beautiful photographs need good lighting, so making sure your timeline allows for golden hour portraits and a good ceremony time is key! Having a buffer so that your photographer can capture your details and portraits with your new partner can make all the difference.

No two weddings look the same, and that's part of the reason we love what we do! Creativity and a unique perspective are key to getting your wedding published on a blog or magazine, so have fun with it! If you want to make this a priority, make sure to have a conversation with your photographer (and coordinator!) to get tips, recommendations and advice!

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