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How To Save A Wedding Dress Disaster

What happens if you get a spill on your dress on your special day? Don’t worry! We have a tip that could help save you from panicking!

Imagine on your wedding day you are dancing around, laughing, and having a great time; everything has gone smoothly and you are care free. At the end of the night, your new husband hugs a guest next to you and accidentally spills wine all over your dress… every girl’s nightmare!

This is exactly what happened to Lively Event’s bride, Suzanne, at her wedding. What do you do?! Fortunately, there was a tip up owner, Halima Hanemann's, sleeve— club soda!! It worked like a charm and got it right out. Suzanne was able to stay calm and enjoy the rest of her night!

It is always good to think ahead. You can avoid a disaster like this by:

  1. Pack an “emergency kit” for stains and other possible accidents that may occur at your wedding.

  2. Make sure there are extra club sodas available at the bar.

  3. Stay calm, accidents happen!

  4. Have someone in charge of taking care of any issues that may occur at the wedding.

An “emergency kit” could contain anything you think you might need on your big day. Visit for some inspiration!!

Want more ideas about how to save a wedding dress disaster? Contact Lively Events today!

Photos by Limelight San Antonio

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