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Meet Emily

Emily grew up in Austin, Texas with her three older siblings and loving parents! She is currently a senior at Texas State University studying to earn a degree in Public Relations and Mass Communications with a minor in English.

Her dreams for the future are to start her own business as a wedding/event planner! When she is not at a beautiful wedding or event, she is either at the gym, playing volleyball, trying out new foods and experiences with friends, or spending time with her ginormous, crazy family who she loves so much!

Fun Facts:

I have always wanted to attend a destination wedding!

My two absolute favorite details about weddings are the decorations and traditions each wedding brings; every family is different and I love it!

I absolutely love wedding cake, so good food and beautifully designed cakes are a must!

My favorite wedding moment is watching the groom’s face while he watches his beautiful bride walk down the aisle!

I love seeing everyone on the dance floor at the reception, it makes the celebration just that much happier when everyone is having a good time!

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