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How to Beat the Heat at your Summer Hill Country Wedding

Planning a summer wedding in the heat of Texas can be intimidating, so I’ve come up with some ways to help make the experience pleasant for both you and your guests!

Hydration station: This is a must. You don’t want your guests passing out from heat exhaustion before the party gets started! Make sure you have plenty of ice cold water on hand. You can even get creative with customized cups or water bottles as party favors.

Untie-the-knot: Don’t ask your guests (or wedding party) to dress in black tie or formal attire. Even if your venue is indoors and air conditioned, or under a big shady tree with plenty of wind, it is most likely too hot for black tie. Don’t want to look back at pictures of sweaty pits and melted make-up? Embrace the hill country setting and ask your guests to dress for the weather in more summer-appropriate attire.

Fan-tastic: Nothing is better than a soft breeze on a nice summer day. You can have your ceremony programs printed on fan paper for an extra personal touch. If you’re really committed, you can even rent misting fans. Your guests will be thankful!

Toiletries: Let your guests know you’re thinking of them by providing some basic toiletries in the bathrooms in case anyone needs a touch up. Some helpful items might be blotting papers, sun screen, and spray on deodorant.

Camp theme: Camp-themed weddings are all the rage these days. This is particularly effective at beating the heat if your venue is near a body of water, which isn’t hard to find in New Braunfels. Plan activities and games for your guests and take a dip in the river or pool. I guarantee your guests will be talking about how much fun they had for months to follow. Your wedding will definitely be the coolest of the year. There are plenty of venues that can accommodate you and your guests for a fun filled weekend!

Although Texas is known for its unpredictable weather, its most consistently steady months are in the summer, so leave the surprises for your bachelor/bachelorette party and start planning your summer wedding today! Have you dealt with the Texas heat at a summer wedding? Tell us your story in the comments below!

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