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5 Ways to Make Your Texas Wedding More Eco-Friendly

Let’s face it; weddings create a lot of waste behind the scenes that is not so great for the environment. If you want an easy way to make your wedding more eco-friendly, I have a few simple tips that will make a big difference and feel like no work at all.

1. Label a few trashcans for recycling

This is the easiest tip on the list. If your wedding is going to be serving beer bottles, plastic cups, or other recyclable items, a recycling bin is a super simple way for your guests to recycle on their own. Check with your venue as well because many have their own recycling and can accommodate your needs.

2. Sending online invitations

This is also a good tip for saving some $$$. Evites are less expensive and have the added bonus of being able to RSVP directly. This makes it easier to plan and track your guest’s replies, not to mention you get to save a few trees! If you still want to have traditional invitations, save the dates and thank you notes can be sent through an evite as well.

Quick tip: You could also go for eco-invites printed on recycled paper.

3. Biodegradable Plates

These plates are awesome! No need to worry about recycling on this one, these plates can go right in the trash. They can be purchased online at an affordable price (25 pack for 6.99) or may even be offered by your caterer.

4. Choosing local vendors

Picking vendors that are close to your venue and your home will not only make it easier for you to meet with them, but will save plenty of gas emissions from their traveling.

Quick tip: Keep an eye out in our vendor spotlight series!

5. Choose a venue that doesn’t need much decorating

Selecting a venue that already has decorative features will help you cut down on the waste of extra centerpieces, flowers, or any wall hangings/miscellaneous décor that you may feel is necessary at other venues. Since most table centerpieces with flowers get thrown out after the wedding, this will help decrease some of that waste as well.

What are some ways you have chosen to make your wedding more eco-friendly? Share your ideas below!

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