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Jenn and Becky's Wedding at Milltown Historic District in New Braunfels, Texas

wedding party on the faust bridge

bridesmaids putting on brides shoes

Jenn and Becky’s wedding was one to remember. During the planning process Jenn always stressed how important it was to her that her guests enjoy themselves. “It’s all about the love!” Jenn would say. This cannot have been more true. You could feel the love overflowing from Jenn and Becky’s bridal party and each one of their guests the entire night.

Milltown Historic District in New Braunfels, Texas is situated right on the Guadalupe River. It was the perfect backdrop for Jenn and Becky’s wedding ceremony.

Both brides looked absolutely stunning and they beamed with happiness throughout the night. The bridesmaids' purple dresses fit their personalities perfectly. Each dress was a different style and fabric.

The different textures of the dresses brought another touch of fun and whimsy to the day. The guys were dressed in light grey with a pop of bright purple with their shirts.

The reception space was decorated with personal touches throughout. The signs were made from extra materials from when Jenn and Becky built their home together.

Bridesmaids catching the bouquet

The favors were Rice Krispy treats to accompany the sweet story of how Becky proposed to Jenn. Instead of a cake the couple decided on donuts! They each picked their favorite kind and personalized them even more with their wedding colors of purple and teal.

My favorite memory from the wedding is the love overflowing from each guest. After Jenn and Becky’s grand entrance, their guests chanted “Go Bannons Go!” The excitement for Jenn and Becky was evident at every moment of the wedding.

DJ Vanrod kept everyone out of their seats and on their dance floor with his upbeat mix of 2 stepping and 90s jams as requested by the brides.

I had such a great time at Jenn and Becky’s wedding. Thanks so much for having us!

bride and bride with bubbles by lively events

Jonathon Dart Photography second shooter: Side x Side Photography

Officiant: Catherine Gutierrez

Makeup: Deanna Leflore

Space and Time Video

Photo credit to Jonathon Dart Photography with second shooting provided by Side by Side photography.

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