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Top 5 Questions New Braunfels Brides Ask Their Wedding Planner

Photo credit to Two Pair Photography

Hey y’all!

It’s time for some bride tips! Here are the top 5 questions brides ask when looking for a wedding planner.

  1. How much does it cost?

This is probably the first question that comes to mind every time you fill out a contact form for a new vendor. Yes, budget is important. You don’t want to start your life out as newly weds paying off your wedding. You also don’t want to skimp on your wedding either.

There is a happy medium here, don’t worry!

Sit down with your groom and decide on the top things that mean the most to you. Is it the pictures that will last a lifetime? Do you want centerpieces bursting with flowers? Are you and your fiancé foodies? Maybe you really want steak and lobster for dinner and have no problem with smaller centerpieces and candles instead of huge bouquets of flowers. You may need to get a little creative- or browse Pinterest- but it can be done. Splurge on your absolute must haves and be a little thrifty on the rest.

2. How is it possible to step in the day of and pull it all together?

The Day of Coordination Package can be a little deceiving. We don’t just show up on your wedding day and expect to pull off a flawless event. Anyone who tells you they can has probably never coordinated weddings.

Lively Events steps in a few months before the wedding. We get to know you and your fiancé, as well as every little detail about your big day. We go over all of your vendor contracts so we are on the same page as you and your vendors. Then, I send you an extremely detailed questionnaire. This helps me create your timeline down to the minute. You will know where myself, the wedding party, your groom, the DJ, the caterer, etc. are at all times.

Then comes the fun part, the venue walkthrough. I meet you and your sweetie at the venue, usually, a month before the wedding. This is where your wedding really comes to life. We stroll through the venue and I take pictures, and a ton of notes, so I can pull your vision together.

3. My venue has a coordinator there. Do I really need 2 wedding planners?

Having a venue coordinator on site is great, but a venue coordinator and a day of coordinator are different. First, the title says it all. The venue coordinator is there for the venue. They make sure you are following the guidelines set in your contract, and possibly overseeing onsite catering, security, etc. They’re paid by the venue.

A wedding planner or day of coordinator only answers to you. I am there for you and your other half that day. I make sure the DJ is ready for your first dance. I ensure you have eaten before the ceremony, and at dinner. I make sure your cards get to the correct bridesmaid and so much more. My number one priority is you and making things go smoothly. We truly go above and beyond to make it happen.

4. Do I HAVE to have favors? (Or wear heels, serve a five course meal, have a seating chart...)

Absolutely not! You do not have to have favors. The real question is, do you want to? If you have envisioned tiny boxes of Hershey Kisses with your brand new last name stamped in gold foil for the last 4 months, then yes do the favors.

The one thing I cannot stress enough is do not do anything because you feel like you have to. It is your wedding. Your day. Your memories. You and your fiancé will reminisce on this day for years to come, so please do what makes you happy.

Some of the best weddings I have planned, or have been a guest at, have been the weddings where the couples’ personalities really shine. From the moment you walk in and sign the guest book you know who’s wedding it is.

5. Are we required to book only the vendors you recommend, or can we hire someone else, even if you haven’t worked with them before?

You are not required to work with any vendors I recommend. I recommend vendors based on their outstanding reputations. If you want to work with a vendor I have not worked with before, that is absolutely okay! I love meeting and adding new vendors to my recommendation list. Some couples choose to have a friends or family members do things from making the cake to officiating the wedding. It’s your day. You are free to hire whoever you want for your wedding.

The bottom line here is it’s your day. Your job is to choose the vendors you love, and do what makes you happy. My job is to pull it all together.

Do you have a question you want answered? Leave a comment below!


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